Will SafeMoon ever reach a Penny $0.01

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Now The Whole Crypto Currency market is crashing at a rapid rate but we should expect to be climbing now after 2 to 3 days or after bitcoin Pizza day as May 22nd marks the 11-year anniversary of the first Bitcoin transaction. safemoon chart

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Now coming to our main topic of discussion, when will Safemoon reach a cent of the dollar, Honestly speaking it not going to happen sooner or this year, but I did small math or you can call SafeMoon Price Prediction Currently, we can assume that before market crash Safemoon has a market cap of $5 billion and with 2.2 million holders and bitcoin has 20 million holders that is a huge 10 % of bitcoin users and consider that its only been 2 months from launch so more to be expected from this token

once an investor said " Buy low, sell high"

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Market Cap = Total supply of coins* Price of a Coin,
Price of a coin = (market cap) / Total supply of coins,
so Price of coin Increases depends on the High market cap
and low  Supply coins

So Market Cap dependent on

  1. More number of users, ( more demand then more people will buy, so automatically it will increase the market cap)
  2. No heavy panic selling, many people starts panic selling if the graph is down then it decreases the Market Cap
  3. More demand, positive News, it will increase the Buy and attention and increases the Market Cap

Actually we are not counting here the burn rates(10%) , that's what makes Safemoon different from other altcoins

Circulating supply583,976,403,925,663 /
Daily burns1 Trillion tokens (approx)

Current Price of SafeMoon $0.00000544 per token

currently, it has 583 Trillion coins so Technically if it reaches 1 cent without burning coins then the Marketcap would be $3.2 Trillion dollars, which is almost 5x of what bitcoin has but that not possible but with the constant burning of coins it can reach 1 cent or more if the supply decreases demand increases then Price would increase.

let's assume daily a decrease of 1 trillion coins so after 360 days , 360 Trillion coins will be burned and after 583 days, 583 trillion coins will be burned and we assume that the market cap is same throughout these 583 days then our math becomes simple

(MC)$3.2 Billion = 1 Trillion * Coin Price

Coin Price = 3200000000 ÷ 10000000000= 0.0032

No of tokens supplyExpected Price
1 Trillion0.0032
500 Billions0.0064
250 Billions0.0128 Bang
125 Billions0.0256

for 500 Billion token prices would be $0.0064 per token for 250 Billion token Price would be $0.0128 per Token for 125 Billion coins price would be $0.0256 per token

Expected date to reach Penny

We calculated the math by putting the Market Cap constant at $3.2 Billion dollars but When the number of users grows then the market cap grows tremendously same thing happened with Bitcoin and Etherium so in the future eventually Market cap grows and the supply of coins must be less than 500 Billion ideally to get that humongous 1 cent mark for Safemoon . safemoon But this only happens if the Burn rate is constant of 1 Trillion burns per day so Mathematically it would take almost 20 months so the final date would be ** Friday, 20 January 2023**

on this date, the price would less than $0.0032 or even reach a Penny before that date, and this would possible when the devs are working hard on Promotion, marketing, finding new solutions to adopt the Safemoon for Business purpose and other things,

Editors Note

this is not a financial advice and do not get scammed or fooled by fake Projects and do your own research before investing and do not invest more money which can cause you financial stability, thanks for reading.